Chatbot Ordering System

Your business can automatically receive orders from customers through chat, without the need for people to respond to messages, and even fast. Chatbot integrates a number of functions to help business owners access customer orders and important information.


Chatbot has the ability to reply to messages with guests indefinitely and 24h / day
Beautiful words and attractive pictures, along with product descriptions that describe the features of each product and the price that makes it easier for customers to decide to buy.
Retrieve customer information, including Facebook name, phone number, address that can be checked in the Map, easy for shop owners to contact customers
Can connect multiple branches using a single chat
Ability to remember information and merchandise of old customers, which makes the sales phase shorter and easier.
Has the ability to determine the distance of kilometers of the shop owner, which makes it easier for some shop owners to determine the location to pick up and drop off customers within a short distance.

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