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Our Casstack Chatbot Ordering system is a first system in Cambodia that could accept order from customer within the Facebook Messenger in order to help our clients response to customer on time, increasing their sales while saving their time and money.

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Turn your business into a modern digital business now through chatbot

Casstack's order ordering system is different from other chatbots because this is not a normal FAQ-Frequently Asked Question. It is a chatbot designed with templates and built-in products, plus a number of key features that enable customer orders to be automatically processed by chat for employees or pack holders in no time for the completion of the sale. All orders as well as replies to messages containing product images or inquiries quoting customer information on the Facebook Page Messenger are handled and arranged by the automated chatbot. The store owner is just waiting to receive the order from customers through our service only.

Casstack's Chat Ordering System is 100% Live Chatting and Receives New Ordering Information from the Dashboard that we provide

Showing picture of each item Stage

Each customer message is answered by chat, with a customer loss rate of 0% and a welcome message accompanied by a clear description of each item, including a price that provides convenience. Customers can browse and click on any item they want to buy.

Customer Information Collection Stage

After receiving a customer order, Chatbot will automatically retrieve the customer's information, including a valid Facebook name, valid phone number, plus an address that can be displayed on a clear map.

Last Stage

Customers simply select the option to pick up themselves or deliver to their address, then check the product they have selected and verify personal information and click confirm. Business owners just need to take orders from the dashboard that we provide to each shop owner and then prepare the goods for customers.

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Introducing Casstack's Ordering Services Product Model from Start to End

Business Type

The type of business that is suitable for connecting to the chatbot ordering system

Coffee Shop / Milk Tea
Online Store
Shopping Mall/ Mini Mart
Electronic Shop, Souvenirs Shop, Cosmetics

The main functions of Chatbot that help ease the burden of business owners in dealing with online customers

Your business can automatically receive orders from customers through chat, without the need for people to respond to messages, with fast response. Chatbot integrates a number of functions to help business owners access customer orders and important information effectively.

In addition to chat, Casstack will also offer a sales management dashboard to every business owner.

You can easily manage customer orders without having to check in the Facebook Page Inbox directly and can make change or edit the image and menu yourself immediately on the chatbot inside your page.

Why should an online business owner choose to use a Casstack's ordering system service?

Casstack helps business owners reduce their workloads, respond and connect to customers quickly. Not only that, business owners can start using our chatbot ordering system with a little budget and technology knowledge. They can also make decisions and expand the market based on the data collected by Chatbot.

Our Partner

These are Casstack's trusted business partners.

Park Café

Vkirirom Pine Resort

Decent Palace Restaurant & Hotel

De Burlap Cafe

Meat Center - Finest HALAL Butcher

Misterbrew Coffee Cambodia



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