Any Product, Same Pricing
Pay monthly, pay early for unlimited orders

How it works

You always start with our lowest price.
You are allowed to have as many as customers and orders as you can. No extra charge for the month.
Next month, if your customer is still in the lowest range, we will charge you in the lowest eange. If it grows, we charge you with the next range.
Pay by month as low as 1.25$/day
Low starting price, best for everyone
No limit number of users or orders
Included with Support, Setup and Training to get started


0 - 150 Unique Customers
Unlimited Orders, Users
Customers can grow freely


150 - 300 Unique Customers
Unlimited Orders, Users
Customers can grow freely


300 - 600 Unique Customers
Unlimited Orders, Users
Customers can grow freely


600 - 900 Unique Customers
Unlimited Orders, Users
Customers can grow freely


Good for a big business that has lots of users


For business has lots of branches
How We Charge and How You Pay
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1. Unique Customer: A customer that chat to your business and our casstack service replies. A unique user can make from 0 to more than one order. We do not charge base on number of orders.
2. Charging Model: How we charge and when we charge
Charging and Payment Procedure
1. Charging is done at every beginning of the 30days. You pay manually via our bank account or any way possible
2. For the starting point, you require to pay $75 for deposit and $37.5 for starter plan (0-150 unique customer plan)
3. For the following of 30days, the amount of charging is based on the previous 30days number of Unique Customer.
4. Invoices are generated at every 30days after the first payment and it will be directly sent to admins and owner via SMS, SNS Notification Channel and this platform
5. In case you want to stop using our service, you must notify us before 60days and fill the termination form. During these 60days, you can continue using the service without any charging, but the deposit will be considered as payment. If the amount of charging is exceed of deposit, you have to pay add-on for the payment. However, if you want to resume your service, you will have to start from where you left.
6. We have all the rights to disable your service without any notices and the deposit amount shall not be refunded if there is any late payment of each month.
Explanation Example
1. You start using casstack service for chatbot order system on February 14th, 2020. So, you first pay $75 for deposit and pay $37.5 for February under 0-150 unique customer plan.
2. Casstack Service will not limit the number of customers you can receive in February or any other month. So, you can have more than 150 customers making more than one orders. We do not charge base on number of order either.
3. Let's say you have 290 unique customers which means that the same customers can visit or place the orders anytime and many time they wish to. So on March 16, 2020, the invoice will be generate for you so that you can pay for the next 30days in order to continue using our service. The invoice on March 16, 2020 will be $70 (0 - 300 unique customers plan).
4. Let's say you pay for next 30days (March 16, 2020 - April 16, 2020). If your unique customer is less than 150, the invoice on April 17, 2020 for the next 30days will be $37.5 again so you can save your money.
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