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Boost Sale Online with Casstack
Bring your products and services directly to your customer's phones seamlessly with our Chatbot Order System for Just 1.25$/day
Grow your business with the price of a coffee!
Lowest Price of order System
Affordable for every type of business from small shops to corporate business with our low starting price option for just 1.25$/day
We do everything for you
Give us a call/chat and everything is done! we setup for you from chatbot flow to product list creation. Perfect for every business that does not have any IT Team.
Change Solution Provider
Any customization is possible with our change solution team. No more wasting time and money to find new services or to wait for your IT team for any extra features.
Perfect For Everyone
Every shops or business like restaurant, fast food, cosmetics, clothing, electronics, books, souviners and so many more that need more sale online!
Wow your customer buying experience with Casstack
5 X
Purchase faster
Take less than 1min to order a menu that normally takes around 5 mins via Phone Call or Human Reply Chat
3 X
Delivery faster
With geolocation capture, no more waiting due to the agent is getting lost & reduce asking time from 3 to 1
6 X
Decide Faster
Test on Hick's Law, it takes only 5.49s to decide on a 9-option menu order while normally takes 30-50s
20 X
Reply Faster
Chatbot takes less than 3s to reply about product details while normally human takes more than 1 min
Chatbot Order System
New way of showing product to customers
Allow customers to order from anywhere faster
Increase sale regardless of social distancing or quarantine
Smart Order Distribution across Branches (Manual or Automatic)
All-in-one dashboard
Free Count and analytics
Create promotion, manage product
Invite other employee to help
Always notified of new order (via line)
Types of business that can use Casstack solution
Fast Food / Restaurant
e.g Pizza, Dessert, Snacks
Cake / Bakery
Birthday Cake, Breads, Donuts and etc
Drinks / Beverages
Coffee, Tea, and other types of drinks
Bookshop / Souvenir
Books, stationaries, souvenir and etc
Clothes Shop
Shoes, clothes, purses, any types of cloth
Online Shop
Products and other sale-able items
Watch, Phone, Earphones, chargers and etc
Sport Products
Any types of sport products (ball, shoes, etc)
Skin Care / Cosmetics
Shampoo, Cream, Toothpaste, and etc
Your business type not listed? Talk to our support now!
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Casstack is establish to grow customer centric business by boosting up their sale online with VoIP, chatbot, Analytics and AI
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