Fight Quarantine With Limited Budget
Chatbot Order System
Covid-19's main effect is the practice of social distancing and quarantine. This affects every store or shop regardless of its size.
Casstack has the best solution to help you achieve your sale digitially instead of relying on the normal way of selling where the customer need to call or go to the location.
We use chatbot to help you collect orders seamlessly and with our simple-to-use dashboard, you can manage the order in any way you want to.
We setup everything for you!
Only 1.25$/Day (0-150) Users/Month
Collect orders digitially
Never lost orders with our notification and dashboard
Open More Possibilities
Chatbot Order System
For the past decades, people uses old ways of selling and buying products. It can be done physically at the store, via phone call, on ecommerce or simply a website.
The problem about buying things on websites is that people have to identify by themselves on what to buy without any human interactions.
With our chatbot, we bring a more natural way of selling and buying interactions. We prompt the buyers with the product and help them to make purchase as the seller is there giving them assistance.
Natural Way of Buying Experience
Prompt the Buyers with Featured Products
Sell like you are there with the buyers
Digitalize your sale process with Chatbot with a price of a coffee per day
Smart-Order Distribution Across Branches
Chatbot Order System
We understand that when you are having more than one branches, your headache is on how can you provide the same sale touch point (e.g Facebook/Website) to everyone but at the same time manage those orders across branches.
The multi-branch solution is by default embedded in our product to help you digitally collect order from any user for any branch. You can choose to let our system distribute the order or you can allow your customers to choose the branch they want to order from.
You can even ask us to implement more solution if you want.
One-order touch point for all branches
Customer can choose the branch
Manage order from any branch
Easy on business report for all the branches
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